Developing positive safety leadership maturity

Published on Nov 16, 2023


Wavin's safety performance was above the industry average, with an Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) consistently at around 0.3 and a TRIR below 1. However, this trend was plateauing. Several observations outlined that additional efforts were required to improve safety results lastingly: a demonstration of inconsistent positive safety management practices, safety behaviors that did not meet expectations, striking differences in safety culture and several safety events that were still worrying.


Wavin decided to engage dss+ to assist with a safety initiative along three key areas: positive safety management, consistency in practices and behaviours and equipping leaders with the necessary skills. Wavin and dss+ jointly designed a project toolbox that included a "general approach" in 3 phases including engagement training and coaching for sustaining performance, with flexibility for local implementation. The focus was on positive safety leadership development and implementation of management rituals. The key to the implementation was on-the-job coaching to improve safety rituals' impact and ensure that leaders spent efforts on the appropriate risks to achieve a change.

“We feel we have actually changed the culture. That is a big thing.”

- Wavin location manager, UK