A culture transformation to put safety first

Published on Jul 17, 2023

Background & Challenge

Nomad Foods is Europe’s leading frozen food company. They own a portfolio of brands including Birds Eye, Findus and iglo. They manufacture, sell and distribute products across 22 European markets.

Nomad Foods was realising incremental safety improvements every year, whilst still not reaching industry benchmark. Therefore, the company wanted to make a step-change in their safety performance, boost safety culture and promote safety as a priority.


Based on an initial assessment, dss+ and Nomad Foods designed and developed a safety leadership journey and overall safety roadmap to address key risks. dss+ applied its visible felt leadership methodology and risk-based approach to engage all employees. Leaders were provided with a skillset and toolbox to drive cultural change in the organisation. The programme was also supported with a company-wide video message.

Overall, the programme included:

  • Co-development of training methodology and materials;
  • Strong programme management and coordination at group and factory level;
  • Roll-out of the safety roadmap: workstreams supporting safety improvements (governance, roles & responsibilities, consequence management, etc.) and tackling highest risks;
  • Training and coaching of all leaders in visible felt leadership methodology, skills and tools;
  • Training and coaching of internal safety champions, to support and sustain the programme;
  • Effective, affective and engaging video communication with direct involvement from CEO to shopfloor employees.

“For Nomad foods it was really a reflection on our performance and recognising that we had more to do to be an organisation that truly put our people first. This wasn’t a journey we could do alone and we needed some help to engage the organisation to drive our safety culture forward and dss+ helped shape that program for us.”

- Rachel Rae, Head of Safety Health & Environment, Nomad Foods