Construction & O&M safety assessment

Published on Sep 21, 2022


dss+ designed a protocol to assess the supplier's safety culture and safety management operating practices. Specifically, the dss+ programme encompassed the following activities:

  1. Onsite assessments in a selection of onshore projects, in both Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and construction activities;
  2. Analysis of 200+ documents and interviews of 30+ leaders, including the CEO;
  3. Operating risk assessment and Serious Injuries & Fatalities (SIF) analysis;
  4. Safety perception evaluation;
  5. Assessment of Contractor Safety Management (CSM) practices;
  6. Improvement roadmap development.

"We need to walk an extra mile to align our Safety Culture across business and geographies. Thanks to dss+, we are now able to do so”.

– OEM supplier Corporate Executive