Communication and Learning by Design

Published on Jun 1, 2020

Like many of our clients around the world, your organization is always looking for better ways to communicate with the workforce. At dss+, we understand the frustration, time and resources required to bring about effective and lasting change.

Why is something so seemingly simple as communication so difficult for many?

Because dss+ works with a multitude of industries and nationalities around the globe, we have learned to build on solid yet often overlooked foundations of modern communications. The answer is what we call Communication By Design.

Communication By Design
Effective communication requires both science and art. The same information, communicated in different ways, will have a much different impact.

The dss+ difference is that we start with knowing the audience and speaking their language.

We also understand that communication sticks when you have the right combination of data, story, and design. When the appropriate information is given a narrative and compelling imagery, you have the makings of unforgettable communication that will inspire your workforce and have a greater impact on their behaviors. It is no wonder that many of the largest companies in the world trust dss+ to guide, construct and implement new communication strategies.

Learning By Design
Effective communication is the largest part of education and certainly, retention. dss+ has proven training and learning practices for your employees that ensures your information reaches the heart of the workforce. We call it Learning by Design. We focus on the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of learning while intertwining two of our greatest strengths: Content based in sound instructional science and the understanding of how people best receive communication.

Is there room for improvement in the way you teach and train your workforce on the job? Are you getting measurable results? Let dss+ revolutionize the way you train, inspire and engage your people.