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Published on Jun 1, 2020

Using feelings and emotions for higher involvement in safety

Creating an environment where People can make a difference

Emotions play a huge role in influencing people’s decisions and behaviors. And the last 25 years of neuroscience research has shown that emotions are intimately tied to and interact in complex ways with thought and decision-making processes; and that ultimately, to change people’s behavior you must change how they feel.

When it comes to managing change in your organization, are your leaders communicating with employees in ways that connect with emotions and inspire lasting improvements in behavior?

From Affective Thinking to Effective Action

dss+ Communication and Branding experts mobilize the insights of affective psychology to help businesses think "affectively" and develop messages that tug at the heart of and resonate with employees.

We help organizations develop memorable multimedia communications that cleverly combine DATA, NARRATIVE, and IMAGE to reach the “Impact Zone,” change attitudes, and transform behaviors.

Meet our Branding Consultants

Craig Sexton Craig Sexton

Craig is the Global Creative Director of dss+ and an award-winning producer, director, and writer with a diverse 30-year background in film, television, and the entertainment industry.

Craig started his career at one of Los Angeles’ first music video production companies, VPS studios, where he worked with such artists as Van Halen, Linda Rondstat and Michael Jackson with the Michael Jackson Victory Tour. From there, he went on to work with George Lucas at Droidworks, a technology division of Lucasfilm, and then New World Entertainment, where, as Senior Vice President, Craig developed such shows as the Wonder Years, Tour of Duty, and Crime Story.

After New World, Craig jumped out on his own to form a new company – a “niche” business that was directed at the networks for doing branding, broadcast promotions, and launching television shows. He directed promotions for NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, as well as the launch campaigns for the Fox Sports Network, the CW Network, the UPN Network, and Sketchers Shoes.

Craig created the successful broadcast promotion known as MUST SEE TV.

Craig is charged with bringing his talent to bear on redefining the look and feel of training in the learning and development space at dss+.

Nancy Kondas

Nancy has 20 years' experience in television and live event production including research, writing, directing, casting, remote production, program development, special events production, public relations, marketing and corporate management.

Nancy coordinated and produced live daily talk shows, weekly music video entertainment shows, musical specials for broadcast and retail marketing, monthly news and informational specials, development specials and telethons.

Nancy’s production credits include Senior Producer, Videosyncrasy – a one-hour music video and entertainment show which aired on The Family Channel; Executive Producer, The Roots Legacy with Alex Haley – a thirty-minute special with Alex Haley, produced for The Family Channel; Executive Producer, Documentary Special – a series of one-hour documentary-information specials on issues.

From Fashion to Racism produced for air in syndication and on The Family Channel; Executive Producer, Scott Ross Straight Talk – a one-hour issue-oriented talk show, which aired on The Family Channel; and Executive Producer, After The Fall: The Unsung Heroes Of Ground Zero – a one-hour documentary that was broadcast in the fall of 2002.

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