Colas France (Roadwork)

Published on Aug 17, 2022
Safety is an Immersive Part of the Company's Culture
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Delivering sustainable safety culture transformation at scale

dss+ was called on to ensure a sustainable impact and capability transfer towards a scattered and remote workforce. On a large geographical scale, the goal was to coach and train all managers to deeply change the safety culture and behaviours of the company at its roots.

In this case, a Safety Culture Transformation has been chosen. After analysing the safety culture through a Safety Perception Survey and designing a corresponding framework, a test phase was set in place in one of the plants. After its success, it has been rolled out to the rest of the territories, where all collaborators were coached, from the CEO to ground workers.

"The safety of Group employees is an ongoing battle, the effectiveness of which depends on the exemplary behaviour of managers and on the involvement of each employee."

– CEO of Colas. Safety week 2020.