CoastalFlix℠ Brochure

Published on Jul 15, 2015

Redefining on-the-go Training for the Global Workforce

Did You Know?

  1. That you can retrieve an 'embed code' for our streaming videos by choosing the 'Play All' corresponding to each playlist on the 'Playlist' page?
  2. If you need a QR code that will lead a user to a specific piece of content just click on the 'Access details' link on the 'Playlist' page and copy it.
  3. Easily download SCORM files of your videos or e-learning courses.
  4. You can create and assign an e-learning course template to your e-learning courses? You can create new templates at the 'Manage Course Settings' link under 'My Content' at the main menu bar and assign them on the 'Playlist' page by selecting 'Edit Playlist' button.

No matter where your employees like to learn, CoastalFlix℠ delivers.

Whether it's in a workshop, at a desk, in the field, on site or off site, CoastalFlix℠ brings the classroom to you. The CoastalFlix℠ video streaming solution enables your employees to experience compelling content via any web-enabled device.

Choose from thousands of videos and e-learning courses covering key safety, maintenance and reliability, and human resources topics.

Download and Launch CoastalFlix℠ videos from your Learning Management System

dss+ is proud to bring you an enhanced CoastalFlix℠ experience with the ability to launch streaming videos from a SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS). With thousands of streaming videos available our flexible content can solve almost any training challenge. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can download a SCORM Package as a zip file in either a Single SCO or Multi SCO SCORM format.

When the SCORM package has been integrated with your system, you will be able to:

  • Track total training time
  • Utilize bookmarking

From the classroom to your laptop to your mobile device, CoastalFlix℠ gives you the flexibility to deliver a compelling learning experience anytime, anywhere.

Get instant access to thousands of streaming videos  on the latest safety, maintenance and reliability, and human resources topics.