City of Henderson

Published on Jul 13, 2009

eLearning Case Study

"The City of Henderson, NV, the state’s second largest city, selected ClarityNet® online courseware for its safety training because of the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Ease of use
  • Customization capabilities
  • Simple administration via the Coastal LMS

Comprehensive Training
Safety training is essential for every city employee. The City of Henderson uses the ClarityNet® safety suite of 44 courses that cover issues pertaining to different groups. "Everyone from building inspectors to fire, police, corrections, administrative and part-time employees take courses on the safety subjects that relate to their jobs," Francis says.

Ease Of Use
ClarityNet® courses are hosted by dss+ (formerly Coastal Training Technologies) and can be viewed on any computer at any time. "It gives us the ability to take the training when it fits our schedule," Willis says. Employees use their own computers or computers specially designated for ClarityNet® training that are kept in city departments.

Unique Customization Capabilities
"The City of Henderson has customized the ClarityNet" to online courseware by using the CustomEase® functionality to add relevant information that benefits employees. "OSHA came out and did a compliance inspection and said that we needed aa copy of the BBP standard available for employees. So we downloaded the standard from the OSHA site, and put it in one of the ClarityNet® courses. We’ve also added confined space, lockout/tagout and respiratory protection data to meet OSHA standards, and we included information on city procedures as well. I can add pictures, graphics, audio and video with storyboards, uploading it with the Coastal LMS," Francis says.

Simple Administration
The Coastal LMS tracks data and sorts statistics automatically, providing users with real-time reporting functions. "It’s very easy and convenient. We don’t manually add or modify records," Willis says. It’s all done through an automated upload on a daily basis. Besides providing an accurate record of the courses each employee takes, the Coastal LMS tracks test results, too — providing Willis with the data he needs to make sure employees understand the course materials. "It’s a centralized place for training records," he says.

The Result
"The goal is the reduction of on-the-job accidents, and we achieve it through the education and training that ClarityNet® provides," Willis says.