Published on May 28, 2020

CERN - Integrating sustainability at the heart of its strategic priorities


Sofies Group - now part of dss+ - supported CERN in conducting its materiality assessments, thereby engaging with and collecting inputs from a few dozen internal and external stakeholders. This led to the identification of the most relevant environmental issues to CERN, but also of risks and opportunities noted by key stakeholders. Sofies supported CERN in structuring and drafting the sustainability report, checking alignment of reported information with the requirements of the GRI standard.

dss+ Approach

The main activities carried out in all 4 industrial zones (IZs):

  • Studying the feasibility of Industrial Symbiosis (IS) solutions relevant to each IZ and establishing a database for the development of IS opportunities.
  • Identifying and prioritising the most feasible and promising IS solutions, in the field of energy, water, waste/ materials and shared services, in collaboration with with each IZ and relevant company.
  • Development of detailed feasibility studies for 18 IS opportunities, based on technical feasibility, economic viability, as well as environmental, social, governance and legal aspects.
  • Workshops and trainings to disseminate and transfer knowledge on IS and support in implementation.