Italian meat associations band together to tell their sustainability story with the help of dss+

Published on Oct 20, 2022


Over the past two decades meat and the meat industry have been subject to health and environmental criticism. And while a variety of organisations and stakeholders participate in debates around the production and consumption of meat, each has its own agenda. Carni Sostenibili were established to join the conversation held by animal welfare organisations, environmental groups, research centres and the media, and offer additional data to correct inaccuracies as well as help guide opinions around sustainable meat.

dss+ Approach

Unprecedented in Italy, the Carni Sostenibili site aimed to cover a wide range of meat-related topics, using an informative approach and balanced reporting on health, nutrition and sustainability.

Based on a technical report published for Expo 2015, a book was published in 2018. dss+ were asked to provide an in-depth review of the contents, particularly the section dedicated to environmental sustainability, and revise it for a new edition. Entire sections have been rewritten, new figures have been incorporated, and easy-to-understand graphs and tables have been added.


Providing objective updates to industry sustainability data.


Sustainability implementation and communication.


Italian meat associations have a unified resource for providing health and sustainability information to stakeholders, media and the public.