Building a risk-resilient culture at OCI

Published on Jan 5, 2024


OCI Nitrogen is a leading producer and distributor of ammonia, fertilisers and nitrogen solutions that plays an essential role in supporting food security and powering a cleaner future. OCI wanted to strengthen its shop floor risk awareness and engage its employees, emphasizing the importance of hazard identification, building commitment to safety, reinforcing existing safety systems and motivating team members to produce solutions to safety challenges and vulnerabilities. 


In collaboration with the client, dss+ developed a culture change awareness programme that engaged the entire organisation in risk awareness, through leadership coaching, shop floor awareness building, shop floor champions upskilling & coaching, and local risk reduction initiatives driving. After the implementation of the programme, the Director of Production & Maintenance at OCI emphasised the power of the programme. Some of the successes were:

  • Generating new insights on risk vulnerabilities, challenges and achievements by teams on the ground
  • Finding and recognising new risks by employees with years-long experience within established roles
  • Developing long term solutions with management in parallel with creating solutions for short-term challenges on the shop floor
  • Building organisational risk awareness
  • Engaging the workforce in co-developing solutions and taking ownership of safety performance.