Blue Sky Workshops

Published on Jun 1, 2020

When employees are involved in making decisions, they gain a professional and ownership in the organization and its overall success. dss+ will mine this resource and synergize the results for you in clear and concise language.

dss+ blue-sky workshops are multi-media, interactive experiences! Employees from every level of your organization are center stage with the dss+ creative teams get to enjoy the same energy and direction as our executive leadership workshop. However, this time the focus is on the foundation of any successful company… its people. The results are most often illuminating and surprising.

Organizations just like yours have experienced higher levels of engagement from every level of their organization. Your very own blue-sky workshop by dss+ will deliver the same for you. Together we will mix affective concepts, engaging stories, and heart-warming moments that will open minds and strikes conversation as your workforce shares their hearts and visions for the type of company for whom they wish to work. As one leader said, "It's a magical experience and was more than we expected. It's more than a workshop, it was an event."

During this high energy, interactive team engagement workshop, dss+ will collaborate with members of your workforce to ensure alignment and cultivate enthusiasm for an internal safety brand identity. dss+ that will leverage years of experience from the entertainment industry and will share techniques and strategies from Madison Avenue and Hollywood. Your teams will be forever impacted by their very own blue-sky event and look back on the day that real change began with your organization's understanding around safety and culture. Most importantly, they'll leave engaged and excited about the future.

How do we continue to create enthusiasm and engagement for safety in the months and weeks to come? An optional but forward thinking second day of this workshop dives into the crucial topic of sustainability, sticky messaging and creating compelling content.