Affective Leadership

Published on Jun 1, 2020

What if everyone in your organization had the skills to become a great leader? They do and dss+ will show you how.

For as long as there has been leadership training, we have been told that all great leaders need to be charismatic public speakers like politicians at a podium or coaches in a locker room. The affective approach has completely flipped the script on that way of thinking.

Affective Leadership answers the hard questions. Why do people follow? And, if we know why people follow, wouldn’t we be in a much better position to lead them?

Those are the questions we explore in a presentation that has been wowing audiences and empowering people around the world. This is not merely about inspiration, but empowering everyone in your organization at every level to lead.

Affective Leadership is not a system. It is a mindset that guides the audience through a means of discovery for leadership tools that are already inside each of us. The presentation is eye-opening and emotional and has changed the workforce of every company who has experienced it.