Activate Workshop

Published on Jun 1, 2020

Our dss+ team gets so excited about helping you launch your brand with a “bang!”, but we care even more about how that brand can sustain lasting change and be infused into your training and processes.

Real and lasting culture change starts on the day after the launch. When employees come to work on day two, what will they see to support the idea that something new really is happening in your organization?

Once your safety brand has been delivered and then launched to your workforce with the fanfare it deserves, it can feel like the main part of the job is already done.

This is where the dss+ team jumps in and the activate workshop becomes so powerful. Our activate workshop puts the creativity in the hands of your leaders. Managers and team members from every level of the organization spend time in a creative brainstorming session exploring what a real safety culture looks like for your organization.

As always, our creative team from dss+ makes this an inspiring day and the ideas that come out of our Activate session will be the catalyst to ignite your brand and give meaning to the tools and strategies you will use to change your culture.