Across The Curve – Elliott Masie

Published on Mar 16, 2023

Episode 1

Across The Curve with Craig Sexton

Episode 1: Across The Curve – Elliott Masie
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48 minutes
Elliott Masie
Elliott Masie

Researcher, Educator, Analyst, and Speaker

Elliott Masie is a provocative, engaging, and entertaining researcher, educator, analyst, and speaker - focused on the changing world of the workplace, learning, and technology. Elliott is acknowledged as the first analyst to use the term "eLearning" and has advocated for a sane deployment of learning and collaboration technology as a means of supporting the effectiveness and profitability of enterprises. He heads MASIE Innovations in Saratoga Springs, NY focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce. He leads the Learning COLLABORATIVE, a coalition of 75 global organizations cooperating on the evolution of learning strategies. Members include Amazon, Zoom, Bank of America, Subway, The Hartford, and others.