80% Less Incidents in the Railway Sector

Published on Oct 12, 2022

Although our client's safety culture was influenced by operational best-practices and had leadership support, their safety culture was not sufficiently developed at the team level, where critical operational steps were being ignored due to perceiving production requirements being of a greater priority than safety. In addition, some procedures were not followed, and clear gaps in communication became obstacles to improving safety culture in the company. It was necessary to reverse the declining trend in safety performance.

dss+ helped to develop essential leadership capabilities. In 2019, dss+ carried out field observations, conducted “value accelerator” workshops with site leadership, trained and coached first wave of managers on 6 key safety leadership skills and key management rituals (briefing, observations, safety meetings, last minute risk anticipation, etc.). Then, between 2020 and 2021, the approach was extended to the whole organisation.

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