CoastalFlix Streaming Videos: License Overview

Create playlists for classroom and self-paced learning, integrate content into your LMS through downloadable SCORM files, embed videos into your internal webpages, and much more.

License Features
Access Model
User Model
Play Streaming Videos
Digital Leaders Guide
Open Library (Full, Short, Microlearning)
Unlimited streaming video plays

CoastalFlix℠ streaming video demo
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Digital Leader's Guide

Are you using dss⁺ streaming videos within your classroom training events? Our Digital Leaders Guides (DLGs) can help you facilitate your sessions with relative ease to give you and your employees a high level learning experience.

Each of our DLGs contains:

  • An overview of the course and it’s learning objectives
  • A quick start preparation guide
  • Key points for discussion for the facilitator to help create interaction with your classroom
  • Quiz questions to test the classes retention of the materials covered

Get the most out of your training sessions today!

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CoastalFlix℠ Support

For questions and concerns, please send us an email at product.support@consultdss.com