Sexual Harassment: The Untold Story - New York (Streaming Video)

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Sexual Harassment: The Untold Story - New York (Streaming Video)

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Sexual harassment allegations involve many celebrities, but it belies the fact that harassment happens every day—across industries—to ordinary people. Despite its pervasiveness, many cases go unreported because of, among other reasons, uncertainty as to what actually constitutes harassment.

Sexual Harassment: The Untold Story (New York Version) explains sexual harassment as outlined by the New York Department of Labor and the Division of Human Rights. Along with a strong policy, organizations must train their workers on sexual harassment prevention at least once a year. The course covers:

-Definitions and examples of Quid pro Quo and Hostile Environment
-The importance of creating a culture of respect in the workplace
-Issues of severity and pervasiveness
-Reasons why speaking up against harassment is difficult
-The role of witnesses and HR in responding to harassment
-New York anti-sexual harassment policy

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