From necessary evil to top priority – Caruna’s safety culture improved through coaching

Published: 2020

When safety is just one of many things, the accident rate remains high and the quality of work suffers. At Caruna, safety was made a top priority by adopting the dss+ approach. While a lot still remains to be done, the results are already impressive.

The starting point was nothing unusual in the Finnish industrial sector: At Caruna, the level of occupational safety was “adequate,” managed mostly by responding to what had happened. At the same time, the quality of work suffered and the level of performance in construction left room for improvement. Caruna wanted to change this. “Although the necessary elements of safety management were in place, safety was just one issue among others. Now it was highlighted. We realised that instead of just responding and reacting to isolated incidents, we needed to change our way of thinking,” says Kosti Rautiainen, Head of Electrical Network at Caruna.

The challenge was tackled by partnering with dss+. From the very beginning, the idea was that dss+ would put together a toolkit for Caruna to make it possible for the personnel to take the project forward on their own. “The safety culture at Caruna was typical of a new company. Much had already been done and progress had been made, but it was not enough. However, Caruna was eager and willing to tackle the issue, which provided a sound basis for change,” says Sami Karvinen, Head of Nordic Account Management at dss+, who led the transformation of Caruna’s safety culture from the beginning.