Closing the Asset Performance & Documentation Gap

Published: October 2021

From analogue to digital operation – delivering cost savings and operational reliability improvements to DuPont Uentrop.

Asset management has undergone a sea change in recent years. While the objectives of increasing productivity, lowering costs, improving reliability and speeding up innovation remain the same, the backdrop in front of which these goals need to be realised has changed. Global uncertainty, market instability, unreliable supply chains, remote working and, in some regions, a labour shortage have accelerated a shift to digitalisation. For sceptics who think digital technologies do not deliver the promised returns and are difficult to implement, there is a sure-fire exception: digital twins. As delivered by dss+ and its digital technology partner CAXperts, a customised digital twin can be created in 30 days, scaled up within a few weeks and provide a return on investment within a year, along with a whole host of operational benefits.