Continuous Improvement: Achieving Growth Through Operational Efficiencies

Published: 2016

dss+ implemented a "Continuous Improvement" strategy to reduce work related accidents and gain energy and financial savings at Kumas. The strategy outlined steps for workplace safety by changing the culture, resulting in improved safety reports and cost-savings worth $57 million.


The "Continuous Improvement" culture consisted of easily implementable tactics such as defined and employed safety rules, standards, and procedures, establishing a continuous improvement project governance system, and involving senior leaders in safety initiatives. Data was also used to find root causes and benefits, and KPIs were clearly tracked to help the system work.


These actions helped to change the culture and in turn, lead to a reduction of incidents and a financial gain. There has been an overall 60% reduction in workplace safety accidents, along with millions in energy and cost savings. By looking to dss+ to overhaul their safety culture, Kumas employees could be proud of the safety successes seen by the company.