Accelerating your ramp-up Safely, Reliably and Efficiently

Published: 2020

dss+ Operational Readiness Series

Executive Summary

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple organizations have had to shut down in a very abrupt manner. However, with restrictions easing up across the globe, they have been given an opportunity to either partially or fully restart their operations. Unfortunately, restarting operations can create certain risks that are new and different which can result in potential loss of life and catastrophic equipment damage. For this purpose, a structured risk-based approach using proven tools to secure operational readiness is now imperative, more than ever, to guarantee a safe, reliable and efficient ramp-up back to normal operations. Sufficient detailed operational readiness planning for your restart will result in both a decreased risk exposure and value erosion. As such, it is paramount that an organization, aligned to its business and operational priorities, acts pre-emptively and efficiently in order to achieve sustained performance.