STOP® DataPro®

Description. STOP® DataPro® is a secure web-based application accompanied by a mobile app that makes it easy for organizations to record and analyze safety performance data gathered on the STOP observation checklists.

Information collected. Information which we collect specifically in connection with STOP® DataPro® may include Username, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Job Title, Password and the information you filled in webforms, and any other information which we may request from you, or which may be provided by your Organization.

If STOP® DataPro® Mobile app is used we might store the Mobile OS, Version and Browser details automatically for effective troubleshooting

Access to your data and international transfers. In addition to your Organization's access, we may communicate your personal data to third parties for the purpose of operating STOP® DataPro®. This may Microsoft Azure (hosting services) as well as our affiliated entities which provide services related to the STOP® DataPro® Platform.

Cookies. We use the following Cookies in connection with STOP® DataPro®:

Name Owner Purpose / Description Duration and expiry Type
TABLEAU_LOCALE Tableau Authentication for Tableau Session Essential
XSRF-TOKEN Tableau Authentication for Tableau Session Essential
WORKGROUP_SESSION_ID Tableau Session Id for Tableau Session Essential

Last updated: December 14, 2021