dss+ Transform Application for Clients

Description. dss+ Transform Application is a tool that we provide to your Organization to help it digitize their operational and risk management processes. It is accessible as a downloadable mobile application or as a website available at https://transform.consultdss.com/.

Information collected. Information which we collect specifically in connection with dss+ Transform Application may include your first and last name, work location, work phone number, cell phone number, job title, employer name, business address, industry, the information you filled in webforms, and any other information which we may request from you, or which may be provided by your Organization.

In relation with specific functionalities of the dss+ Transform Application, we may also be provided by you or your Organization with health data pertaining to the work you perform for your Organization, or other sensitive data about you (Sensitive Data). In this case, in derogation to other sections of the General Privacy Notice, we will not process your Sensitive Data beyond what is strictly needed for the performance of our contract with your Organization, and as requested by your Organization.

We may automatically collect personal data when you access and use the dss+ Transform Application, including basic logs on information such as IP address, user id, network ID and digitized signature, and user location.

Access to your data and international transfers. As part of the Services, Your Organization can:

  • Control and administer your account, including controlling privacy-related settings of the dss+ Transform Application;
  • Access and process your data, including the interaction data, the webforms you fill in, and the contents of your communications and files associated with the dss+ Transform Application and accounts.

In addition to your Organization's access, we may communicate your personal data to third parties for the purpose of operating the dss+ Transform Application. This may include Amazon Web Services and/or Microsoft Azure (hosting services, headquartered in the U.S.), Unifii Pty Ltd (IT infrastructure provider headquartered in Australia), and Tableau Software Inc. (database and data visualization services, headquartered in the U.S.). In these situations, your personal data may be transferred to those locations to the extent necessary for the operation of dss+ Transform Application.

Cookies. we use the following Cookies in connection with dss+ Transform Application:

Name Owner Purpose / Description Duration and expiry Type
Authentication security token Unifii Tokens are encrypted once the information is processed 3 days Essential
Authentication security token Tableau Tokens are encrypted once the information is processed 3 days Essential

Last updated: August 13, 2021