Transforming the operating safety culture at SIAAP

dss+ supports SIAAP’s biggest Seveso site on its journey to safety excellence.

Published: 2021

Founded in 1970, the wastewater treatment authority for the Paris metropolitan area SIAAP transports and treats the rainwater, industrial process water and wastewater of the nine million inhabitants of four French regions: Paris, Seine Saint-Denis, Val de Marne and Hauts de Seine. In its six treatment plants in the Paris greater urban area, SIAAP employs 1,700 public sector employees. Of these sites, Seine Aval is the largest treatment plant in Europe. This historic site, founded in 1940, covers 600 hectares, works with activated sludge and produces biogas through anaerobic digestion of the sludge.

Despite a recent modernisation of the plant, the Seine Aval site has experienced a number of safety incidents. The most recent, a fire in the clarifloculation unit in July 2019, prompted the SIAAP managing director, Jacques Olivier, to put out a call for tenders for an independent work safety audit at the instigation of the French Secretary of State. Awarded to dss+, the audit set out to control the risks associated with the plant’s activity in order to ensure the continuity and the quality of the Seine Aval service.

“In order to be able to identify root causes, but also take the necessary steps so that we could progress to a level that will guarantee the safety of our employees and the local community, we decided to make a step change”

Jacques Olivier, SIAAP Managing Director

Conducted by dss+, this audit ultimately aims to control the risks linked to the plant's activity in order to ensure the continuity and quality of service of the Seine Aval site.

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