Improving Workplace Safety with Quick Wins Strategy

Published: 2015

dss+ implemented a “Quick Wins” strategy to reduce work related accidents at ThyssenKrupp Gerlach (TKG). The strategy outlined steps for workplace safety by changing attitudes, resulting in improved safety performance and productivity.


The “Quick Wins” strategy consisted of easily implementable tactics such as setting monthly meetings addressing workplace safety and establishing an apparent commitment to safety via posters and brochures for employees. 65 TKG senior managers conducted regular monthly talks designed to discuss topics including awareness, effectiveness, commitment, training, and more.


These actions helped to change the behavior of senior management and in turn, lead to a reduction of incidents and a productivity gain - both by nearly 20%. Along with going a full 365 days without an accident, there was improvement across all noteworthy operational key indicators. By looking to dss+ to overhaul their safety culture, TKG employees could be proud of the safety successes seen by the company.