Three Ways Companies Can Leverage Technology to Improve Risk Management

Published: 2018

By: Ward Metzler, Principal and Davide Vassallo, CEO, dss+

The prevalence of technology in today’s business environment dramatically increases opportunities for organizations to capitalize on new data streams to improve performance and outcomes.


To successfully leverage technology within an organization, there are three things companies should do:


  1. Demonstrate the value of the technology to the end user. Business leaders and employees who use the technology need to understand how it will improve safety and efficiency outcomes for them directly. 

  2. Don’t deploy a new technology system within an already flawed process – it won’t work.  Don’t count on a new technology to yield improvements in an already broken process.

  3. Ensure any new technology is fully integrated with operations. An increasing amount of available technology is effectively creating separate “silos” between safety and operations. This can not only weaken a company’s safety culture but also reduce the value and effectiveness of the technology itself.                                                 

Using technology effectively can enable companies to develop solutions and make sound decisions that can improve business performance.



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