Published: 2021

DuBay Polymer GmbH is a joint venture between LANXESS and DuPont that manufactures polyester for technical applications in a world-scale plant. When the plant in Hamm-Uentrop began operating in December 2003, it undertook a contractual obligation to maintain DuPont safety standards. Safety is a thriving, integral part of company culture which is apparent in the site’s safety record. The main risks for employees are fire and explosion hazards, handling of hazardous materials and potential dust explosions.

DuBay feared that its outstanding safety achievements might create a false sense of security and lead employees to become less risk aware. “As terrible as it sounds, an accident is a good trigger for raising risk awareness. Without such triggers there is a danger of complacency,” Friedrich Müller, operations manager at DuBay Polymer GmbH, explains.

DuBay wanted to continue to improve its safety performance and ensure employees did not relax their vigilance. Without any incidents in years, there was a danger that employees lacked the impulse to focus on safety and keep it front of mind. The key question for DuBay leadership was how to effect a change in mindset and sensitize people to existing and new risks. DuBay had previously worked with dss+ and sought advice on changing safety behavior in the long-term.