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60 SEConds
60 SEConds
We help our clients to save lives, and create a sustainable future. As dss+ CEO Davide Vassallo explains, we are building something new, on the rock-solid foundation of a decades-long legacy. Join dss+ as we find exciting ways for organisations around the world to work safer, smarter and with purpose.
We live in a volatile age. But there’s never been a better opportunity to reshape your actions and create a better world. Explore our take on leadership and transformation in dynamic times.
Global challenges need 21st century risk-based thinking. Here’s our take
With global issues multiplying, old corporate mindsets are a destructive force that cripple societal progress. Here’s how they should evolve.
This is what a truly modern leader looks like
Purpose-driven, not as individuals but as a collective organisation. Powered by technology yet not ruled by it. Curious about weakness so it can be mined for strength. Today’s key leadership qualities let you find strength by upending old mindsets and behaviours.
Podcast: why it’s an exciting time for sustainability
Listen to two sustainability leaders at dss+ discuss the opportunities companies have to make a positive impact on people and the planet.
The Time Is Now to Go Green
Global consumers are increasingly throwing their buying power behind brands that matter, products that don’t harm the environment, and companies with purposes that align with their own beliefs.
A framework that works for you
The dss+ Integrated Framework Model has been honed over years of on-the-ground experiences with our clients. Think of it not just as a business model that delivers value across your organisation, but a guidebook for success.

How do we ensure transformation lasts for our clients? By combining technical and cultural development with upskilling.

The process:

We start by defining the challenges and needs specific to your organisation. These will govern the outcomes you wish to achieve — and how we can help. Then, we address four areas, each with digital mindsets running through them, to help you work safer and smarter, with purpose and impact:

A technical model lays the groundwork

We implement or improve core business processes and tools to ensure the production system works smoothly.

A governance system measures progress

We ensure you have the right management systems and structure in place to help employees operate at their highest potential.

Capability building ensures that improvements last

We equip leaders and frontline employees with the skills and learnings to achieve desired outcomes.

Cultural change empowers people to drive transformation

By embedding new mindsets and behaviours into the culture, we ensure employees are enabled to make the right decisions.

The dss+ story: hear from our CEO

The dss+ story: hear from our CEO

4 Minutes
“They took the time to get to know us as an organisation and helped with understanding our culture, so we could adapt their approach without diluting its effectiveness.”
Gregg Stedronsky,
VP of Health, Safety, Environment and Engineering, General Mills
“They provided us with the numbers and the insights that the off-grid solar sector needs to become fully sustainable.”
Koen Peters,
Executive Director, GOGLA
“Increasing the production of desalinated water from 3.5 to 5 million m3 per day is a great achievement for Saudi Arabia.”
Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman
“Working through this cultural transformation with them didn’t just make us safer. It helped us learn to work together better. What’s really rewarding is to see the safety mindset spreading outside our company, as we care for people around us.”
Dr. Borvornbhun Vonganan,
Managing director
Freyssinet Thailand
“In just a short time, the company’s culture has undergone a significant shift—vast numbers of disconnected personnel have been visibly transformed into a vocal, confident, risk-aware workforce running a safe, reliable operation.”
Bibhudutta Mohanty,
Chief of Safety at Tata Steel, Kalinganagar Site
“There has been a positive change in culture, commitment, accountability and compliance. We have seen a 20% cut in maintenance costs without compromising output.”
Ibrahim A. Al-Rushoud,
General Manager Maintenance & Reliability, Sipchem