Contractor safety assessment and improvement roadmap in onshore wind

Published on Sep 22, 2022


The company had managed to achieve a reasonable level of safety culture maturity and performance with its own employees, while contracted workforce remained facing serious accidents and fatalities. After implementing disciplinary action response for not following safety processes and procedures, contractor safety performance started to improve. However, soon serious injuries and fatalities started to recur.


dss+ recognised that key foundational elements of a strong safety culture first need to be in place, in order to make high impact actions sustainable in the longer term. After a comprehensive assessment of the company’s safety culture and their contractors’ safety management practices, dss+ set up a roadmap and improvement plan, focused on:

  • leadership development;
  • enhancement of the overall risk awareness;
  • implementation of a 6-Step process for contractor safety management;
  • reinforcement of key elements of their safety management system;
  • with the objective to ensure sustainable implementation of best in class safety practices.

“A strong and sustainable safety culture must make no difference between own and 3rd party workers. A positive approach to safety communicated in an affective way is key to ensure value for continuous safety improvement and performance.”

Vinicius Branchini, dss+ Program Director