Learning is Just One Important Component in the Quest to Increase Corporate Productivity, Efficiency, Profit and Safety

Published: 2014

High-performing organizations often share a holistic management approach that includes three fundamental pillars: efficient systems and operations, a skilled and capable workforce, and a culture that embraces the company vision with trust, openness and innovation.


At dss+, we have found from our own experience and from working with hundreds of clients globally, that by having such a system in place, organizations are more effective at achieving sustainable growth while eliminating inefficiencies and waste, solving problems, and measuring progress. Integration of technical elements, capability and culture are essential for achieving success.


For existing companies that are already productive, efficient and profitable, a good foundational operating culture often is built around establishing engagement with employees, where employees and unions are working together with management. Defined roles, employee involvement and proper procedures drive quality and productivity. Leadership plays a critical part in modeling desired behaviors and supporting change by demonstrating transparency with their own learning journeys.